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Find out more about how tobacco companies target kids in the 2012 Surgeon Generalís Report and the 2014 Surgeon General's Report.

FDA Fact Sheet on flavored tobacco products

Protect Our Kids

How tobacco targets kids today

What You Can Do

Tobacco Companies Convicted of Racketeering

Tobacco-free school policies can help protect children from tobacco

Tobacco use still a problem in North Dakota
Tobacco use is still a clear problem in North Dakota and remains the number one cause of death and disease in the state, and thatís why our prevention efforts are as important now as they have ever been.

Tobaccoís Toll in North Dakota:

  • Adults who die each year due to their own smoking: 800
  • Kids under 18 who become new daily smokers each year: 600
  • Annual healthcare costs caused by smoking: $326 million
  • Yearly tax burden from smoking-caused government
    expenditures: $586 per household
  • Smoking-caused productivity losses: $192 million each year
  • Annual tobacco industry marketing expenditures in North Dakota: $27.9 million
  • ND Tobacco Report Card

Learn more about North Dakota's tobacco use rates and the toll of tobacco in North Dakota here.

Health Benefits of Raising the ND Tobacco Tax

Tobacco companies hook their customers to a life-long nicotine addiction, and need to recruit replacements for those who have died. They want your children for replacements.

We can reduce youth smoking by making tobacco less affordable. Increasing the cigarette tax to $2.00 per pack can reduce youth smoking by an incredible 25%.

At 44 cents per pack of cigarettes, North Dakota has one of the lowest cigarette taxes in the nation.

Learn more about the benefits or raising the tobacco tax.


Editorial: ND Smoke-free Law Applies to E-Cigarettes

Smoke-free Housing Protects Residents From Secondhand Smoke

Increasing Tobacco Taxes Decreases Youth Smoking


Tobacco Corruption

". . . electronic cigarettes manufacturers are using the same slick marketing tactics long used to market regular cigarettes to kids."

Smoke-Free Housing

Sources: Surgeon General's Report 2014
Surgeon General's Report 2006

As many as 29 million Americans living in multi-unit buildings who don't smoke in their own apartments are affected by secondhand smoke from neighboring apartments.

Smoke travels through walls, doors, electrical outlets and ventilation systems. The residue seeps into carpets, curtains, and furniture. Itís almost impossible to clean. Smoke-free apartments are cheaper to manage and healthier to live in. Click here for smoke-free housing resources for tenants and property owners.

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